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For the selftest we offer a simple questionary (Clinical Score IDS): The symptoms, which are suspicious for iron deficiency, are divided in 4 groups.


Clinical Score IDS


Group 1


- Do you feel physically exhausted?


Group 2


- Do you have difficulty concentrating?

- Do you often feel depressed?

- Do you suffer from sleep problems?


Group 3


- Do you suffer from dizzy spells?

- Do you suffer from headaches / migraine?

- Do you suffer from tense neck?


Group 4


- Do you suffer from hairloss?

- Do you suffer from brittle finger nails?

- Do you suffer from restless legs?




If you discover a symptom you suffer from in at least one of the following groups, it might stem from an iron deficiency syndrome (IDS). Each group concerned gives you one point.



1-2 Points: possible IDS

3 Points: probably classical IDS

4 Points: very probably classical IDS


Clinical Score IDS Dr. med. Beat Schaub, 2004






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