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This is a health database on the internet. Therein, quantity calculations can be carried out on line and therapeutic progresses can be documented in an documented once they have been made anonymous. This favors a quality management for success, security and cost-efficiency (online monitoring).




Iron Clinics

are centers of expertise for Iron Deficiency


Iron Deficiency

Medical Iron Centers are centers of expertise for the identification, treatment and prevention of patients with an iron deficiency whether at an early or at a late stage.










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Iron Clinic


Iron Clinics


Iron centers are not pompous buildings. The physicians, who know how to treat patients suffering from iron deficiency, work in their own practice, in hospitals or Universities. Until now there are 68 iron clinics existing.


First of all, the empty iron accumulators must be recharged to a reasonable level, as quickly as possible. Most of the concerned persons thereby become healthy within few weeks (due to the iron dispensations, they heal themselves).


Doing so, the iron centers have a clear verdict: as much as necessary and as little as possible (cost-benefit optimization). The necessary amount for an adult woman at an age at which she menstruates averages about a gram of iron (0.3 to 2.5 grammes, depending on the patient).

In order to avoid relapses, the iron accumulators must remain charged at a level that matches the individual rated range. Persons belonging to risk groups therefore have to have their iron reservoirs refilled regularly.


The rated range for the charge of the iron accumulators is individual and must be defined (identified) in cooperation between the physician and the patient. The physician provides the diagnostic findings, the patient provides him with her mental state in reciprocal respect.


The calculation of the individually necessary amount of iron as well as the concepts of diagnosis, therapy and prevention are available to the iron centers via internet (Health Banking)

Iron Clinics