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Iron Deficiency

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Iron Deficiency



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There are two phases of iron deficiency


1. Early stadium:

Iron Deficiency Syndrom IDS


2. Late Stadium

Iron Deficiency Anemia IDA

















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Iron Deficiency Syndrome IDS


This concerns the early stage of iron deficiency and begins as soon as symptoms indicating an iron deficiency arise with a woman whose iron reservoirs are simultaneously empty. Particularly concerned are women at an age at which they menstruate, children, seniors and athletes.


However, the woman concerned does not suffer from an anemia at this stage and mostly during years. The body preferably uses the iron for the most vital function - the oxygen supply of the body – and thereby accepts that 180 further iron-dependent bodily functions are throttled slowly but surely.


Typical Symptoms:


State of exhaustion

Difficulty concentrating

Depressed mood

Sleeping problems



Contraction of neck muscles

Hair loss

Breaking or splitting nails

Restless Legs


Until now, these patients (92% of them are female) were defined as psychosomatically ill and treated accordingly.


Iron Deficiency Anemia IDA


(Iron Deficiency Anemia)


This concerns a late stage of iron deficiency. Usually, an iron deficiency anemia does not develop until many years after the occurrence of an iron deficiency syndrome.


In the event of an iron deficiency anemia, additional symptoms such as pale skin, quick pulse or breathlessness at small efforts appear.




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