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Tentative Diagnosis


The self check serves as a first indicator of a possible iron deficiency syndrome. Should you belong to a risk group women at an age at which they menstruate, children, seniors and athletes you should check your iron level.



The next step consists of having the charging level of your iron accumulator determined. While men usually have a ferritin value of about 200 ng/ml i.e. the reservoir is at least half full the ferritin value of women at an age at which they menstruate, as an example, is usually less than 50 ng/ml. For some of them, this is enough and they remain healthy. For others, it is insufficient and they are in need of iron.


If your ferritin value is below 50 ng/ml, the suspicion resulting from the self check is confirmed. Therefore, the question of an iron dispensation seriously arises. For decades, iron pills have been found to be only poorly effective and often intolerable. Therefore, we have shifted to intravenous treatment, in order for the missing iron to really arrive.



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