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1. Self Check

2. Tentative diagnosis

3. Indication for Therapy

4. Therapy

5. Securing Diagnostics

6. Prevention



Mature patients


Be responsible for your own health. If you suffer from iron deficiency, you need Iron in first line.






Iron Deficiency

New concept

Diagnostic and Therapy

Interested doctors

We pay attention not only the molecule (the objective diagnostic findings), but also to the mental state of the female patients.

Iron Clinic

Advanced ID Management (AIM)


The diagnosis of an Iron Deficiency Syndrome can only be confirmed subsequent to a treatment. This is the case when the previous symptoms – which occurred at a time when the patient’s iron accumulators were empty – disappear upon an intravenous iron dispensation. Do a self test, first.


Thus the necessity for the tentative diagnosis to be as precise as possible.


If the tentative diagnosis is confirmed and contraindications can be excluded, a saturation (therapy) with short term iron infusions is indicated.


Before the treatment the amount of iron required must be calculated on an individual basis. The therapy takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks.


After a treatment, the therapy’s success is evaluated. If the symptoms have disappeared – which is the case for the majority of the cases – the diagnosis of a previous Iron Deficiency Syndrome is retrospectively confirmed (confirmation of diagnosis).


After a successful treatment, relapses must be avoided (maintenance therapy / prevention).

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Overview: The 6 Steps