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Iron Deficiency

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New Concept


The new concept for diagnostics, therapy and prevention closes a gap in health care.


Many patients who were previously defined as psychosomatically ill and treated accordingly, are suffering from an iron deficiency unrecognized so far.


Since the diagnosis of an iron deficiency syndrome (contrary to iron deficiency anemia) can only be corroborated after a treatment with iron infusions, a diligent tentative diagnosing is necessary.


For a sustainably successful treatment, two steps are necessary:


First step: Individually dosed intravenous saturation with short term iron infusions.


Second step: Subsequently, isolated infusions in individual intervals (maintenance therapy) in order to avoid relapses.


Das Ziel besteht darin, die Füllungszustände der Eisenspeicher in jenem Bereich zu erhalten, bei denen keine Mangelsymptome vorliegen. Etwa so, wie es bei den Männern der Fall ist (Ferritin 100—200 ng/ml).

Iron Clinics



Medical Iron Centers are centers of expertise for the identification, treatment and prevention of patients with an iron deficiency – whether at an early or at a late stage.